Ark Sofa

Industria Edition reimagines the huge biblical ship which we were told into a handmade tour de force.

Batibot Too

The Batibot Too chair makes an imposing statement as it conquers the savannas


Industria Edition’s award-winning Loopy chair exudes a timeless look with its interlaced metal frame creating an illusion of infinite loops, as the name suggests. Its supple woven leather taking the form of a hammock can come in any color that your desire.

Loopy Cubico Safari

Coming Soon


Bespoked Editions

Wall Ornaments

In a remarkable collaboration, Swissôtel Clark at Hann Casino Resort in Pampanga joined forces with the artisans of Industria Edition to create a truly captivating and bespoke decorative installation for the reception area.

Moroccan Panels

We do not only excel in crafting exquisite handcrafted furniture but also showcase expertise in creating bespoke metal installations. In this featured project, we have seamlessly blended artistry and functionality to adorn the client’s dining area with captivating Moroccan-inspired panels, elevating the space while creating a stunning new focal point.

Brindille Chandelier

The Brindille Chandelier gracefully welcomes guests as they step into Mrs. Saldo’s, a specialty restaurant located in the enchanting town of Silang, Cavite. This commissioned masterpiece takes its inspiration from nature, embodying the essence of a delicate twig through its design. Brindille, meaning ‘twig’ in French, manifests itself in this exquisite chandelier, creating a captivating and organic ambiance within the dining space.

WorldBex 2022

The Industria Edition’s Custom Sun Sculpture showcased at the Homage Booth during Worldbex 2022 is a mesmerizing masterpiece that embodies the perfect blend of artistic expression and meticulous craftsmanship. This unique sculpture pays homage to the radiant beauty of the sun, capturing its vibrant energy and celestial allure.